5307 Military Road        Sioux City, IA  51109

6a.m.- 8p.m. seven days a weeK

Perry says Harvey's has remained successful due to its menu of made-to-order comfort foods, which include the Harvey's cheeseburger


Harvey's cook Dave Parker and older Perry make an assortment of breakfast items on the grill. Breakfast foods including the café's plate filled pancake are available throughout the day.


The Harvey's hot beef sandwich sliced beef served on white bread with mashed potatoes and gravy is a menu Mainstay, according to Perry, the owner since 1988


Every meal can benefit with a sweet treat. Harveys owner Perry's those desserts including a classically Greek baklava are made daily at the popular restaurant in Riverside.


Gyro, a Greek dish made of seasoned Meats, veggies and a zesty tzatziki sauce on a pita is one of the Athenian inspired meals served at Harveys.


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